How to make Daily Profits with Bitclub Advantage – No losses!

How to make Daily Profits with Bitclub Advantage – No losses!

Bitclub Advantage Profits Share
How it works and what you have to do
step by step

  1. You register an account in Bitclub Advantage.

You will need a sponsor code to register.

Click here to register in Bitclub Advantage 

with our direct sponsor code

How to register an Account

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You recieve an Email with the activation link confirmation.

To start earning you will have only to buy one of Bitclub Advantage packages and pay it with Bitcoin. Bitclub Advantage will share with you its own earnings from trading. You will not have to trade by yourself.
This is a Revshare Business so you have to buy one of our
packages to recieve profits from our trading

How to buy one package to start earning

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Packages – Costs – Earnings



3. Bitclub trades on Sport trading and Cryptocurrencies trading with experts and a special software

4. Bitclub earn money from trading online and share with you part of profits every day from Monday to Friday
Profits share are different for each package:

You can recieve profits share, up to 30 $ a day with the Client Black Package for 1999 $
if you buy a lower package, your earnings will be lower

5. You can earn also from network promoting and inviting people to join Bitclub Advantage

6. You can ask withdrawal to your Bitcoin wallet when you have at least 300 $ in your backoffice

7. When you have recieved back  300% of the cost of your package, you will need to renew your package to continue earnings. (Ex: you buy a package for 1999 $ and when you will have recieved 6000 $ you will need to renew the package)

Payment accepted is only Bitcoin.

To pay with Bitcoin you must have a Bitcoin Wallet.
You must search an online wallet available for your country.
Bitcoin links:
Buy Bitcoin from Luno click here


If in your country Coinbase is available, you can create your wallet here

Follow Coinbase instructions to validate your account.

After that, you will be able to send Dollars from your bank account to your Coinbase account.

When dollars are aviable in your Coinbase Account (usually 2 days) you will be able to buy Bitcoin.

Now you can complete the checkout of your Package in Bitclub Advantage sending Bitcoins from your wallet to the address of Bitclub Advantage

Are you ready to join Bitclub Advantage?

Are you ready to start earning ?

Click here to register an account with our direct sponsor code

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